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  • The advantages of a company formation in Cyprus

    Advantages of incorporating a Cyprus company,
 the Cyprus corporation tax

    The EU-member state of Cyprus offers considerable advantages from a number of different perspectives compared to all other jurisdictions in Europe. The banking crisis in 2013 did not change anything– quite the contrary!

    With the inception of the programme “ CYPRUS NON-DOM, which freed foreigners relocating to Cyprus from all taxes on domestic and foreign interest income and income on dividends for seventeen years, Cyprus sent an additional positive signal.

    To sum it up: For purposes of international business, we believe that Cyprus is the top location in the EU.

    Take advantage of the enormous advantages that Cyprus offers you and trust in our 30-plus years of experience in the country.

    A few advantages of forming a company in Cyprus (EU)

    • The corporate tax rate on income derived from licencing business and intellectual property is only 2.5% (20% of the regular corporate tax).
    • The general corporate tax rate is 12.5%.
    • The trade tax is non-existent in Cyprus.
    • A Cyprus company is not subject to taxation on dividend income.
    • A Cyprus company may carry forward losses.
    • A Cyprus company is not subject to capital gains taxes on profits from share transactions.
    • There is no subsequent recalculation of taxes owed (significant advantage in comparison to the Republic of Malta).
    • There is no taxation on the inheritance of shares in a Cyprus company.
    • The corporate structure of a Cyprus Limited is recognised worldwide.
    • The VATnumber allows for problem-free “intra-Community trade”.
    • Tax advantages through relocation of residence:
      • Along with numerous other advantages which we would like to discuss with you, the following should be noted in particular: If you relocate your residence to Cyprus, you can profit from the enormous advantages of the Cyprus Non-Dom Programme.
    • Additional new features and advantages:
      • A Cyprus company is permitted to have bank accounts outside the EU.
      • Please refer to our FAQ section for more advantages.

    Complete full service for your Cyprus company

    Professional legal and tax advice for Cyprus

    • The initial consultation with our tax consultants and lawyers is free of charge for you and can take place by telephone, email or in person at our office in Cyprus (EU).
    • You will receive our advice and, upon request, we will review your business plans from a tax and legal standpoint.
    • Our experts will advise and look after you in your native language.
    • We will also advise and actively support you regarding the relocation of your residence, Cyprus Non-Dom and tax optimisation.
    • You will also receive advice on the possibilities of combining a Cyprus company (EU) with a tax-advantaged non-EU company.

    Trust in the code of conduct

    • Our company and our employees are bound by the statutory obligation to confidentiality.
    • We provide our services without the use of intermediaries or agents.
    • We do not refer you to external companies, lawyers or tax advisors.
    • Privacy Management Group is not an agent or a middleman but instead a company led by lawyers and tax advisors.

    Banking service

    • We offer you theopportunity to open corporate and personal accounts in over 20 jurisdictions.
    • As a general rule, your physical presence will not be required to open an account.
    • Our banking partners offer you the complete range of banking services.
    • Online banking and Visa-MasterCard are always included in our banking services.

    Consultation in your language

    Our in-house lawyers and tax advisors look forward to assisting you. Our consultation services are free of charge and non-binding for you.

    Legal Information and Terms of Use

    We would like to point out that earnings generated abroad may be liable to taxation in your home country. We do not carry out legal and tax advisory.
    You are solely responsible for the fulfilment of your tax obligations. Please inform yourself of any existing tax responsibilities in your country of residence with the aid of a trusted tax advisor or lawyer. Please take note of our "Terms & Conditions".

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