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    Useful information

    Cyprus Company Formation

    Members of a Cyprus Limited and Cyprus Holding (director, shareholder and secretary), in accordance with the legal provisions of the Republic of Cyprus, may be externally represented by appropriate nominees.

    The nominees of a Cyprus company

    It is undisputed that a nominee service is quite sensible under certain conditions. However, the director, secretary and shareholders of a Cyprus company are privately liable for all forms of tax liabilities of the company – and this also applies for nominees in the case that the person(s) behind the company are out of reach of the tax authorities in Cyprus. For this reason, it is extremely difficult locating reputable nominees who are willing to carry this risk for a company that they have no direct influence or control over.

    And yet there is the possibility to be represented by nominees in Cyprus. We are happy to discuss this subject with you in-depth.

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    Legal Information and Terms of Use

    We would like to point out that earnings generated abroad may be liable to taxation in your home country. We do not carry out legal and tax advisory.
    You are solely responsible for the fulfilment of your tax obligations. Please inform yourself of any existing tax responsibilities in your country of residence with the aid of a trusted tax advisor or lawyer. Please take note of our "Terms & Conditions".

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