The advantages of incorporating your business in Cyprus

The EU member state Cyprus offers considerable advantages compared to other jurisdictions in Europe. The banking crisis of 2013 has not changed that – on the contrary!

With the introduction of the “Cyprus Non-Domiciled Regime, which for seventeen years exempts foreigners who have relocated to Cyprus from paying taxes on domestic and foreign income through interest and dividends, Cyprus has once again set a positive example.

Don’t just take our word for it. More and more international entrepreneurs and High-Net-Worth-Individuals are setting up base in Cyprus. The island presents itself as the Nr. 1 EU location when it comes to international business and more.

Take advantage of the unique benefits Cyprus offers and rely on our local experience, which we have been building for more than three decades.

Some of the advantages the Republic of Cyprus offers
  • The regular corporate tax is 12.5%.
  • There is no business tax in Cyprus.
  • Cyprus waives taxation on dividends, which applies to persons with Cyprus Non-Dom status and non-resident shareholders.
  • Losses from a Cyprus company may be carried forward for five years.
  • Gains from investment transactions can, under certain circumstances, can be received tax-free.
  • Inheritance of company shares is not taxed in Cyprus.
  • A Cyprus company is a globally recognised corporate structure.
  • The VAT system allows for an unproblematic reverse-charge-procedure.
  • Tax benefits when relocating to Cyprus
    • In addition to the numerous advantages, which are outlined below, we should mention here that should you ever move your residence to Cyprus, you would benefit from the Cyprus Non-Dom Regime.
  • Further reforms and benefits
    • A Cyprus company is allowed to also have bank accounts outside of Cyprus and the EU.
    • For more information on the benefits please visit FAQ
All-in-one services for your Cyprus company
Competent legal and tax advice for Cyprus
  • First you will receive a free consultation with our tax and legal experts – by phone, email or even in person at our Business Centre in Cyprus.
  • We will advise you and, if you wish, even review your business plan from a tax and legal perspective for Cyprus
  • Our experts will advise and support you in your own language.
  • We offer both advice and active support when it comes to relocation, the Cyprus Non-Dom program and tax benefits.
  • We can also advise you on the possibilities of combining a Cyprus company with an international business structure.

Trust in our professional ethics
  • Both our firm and its employees are bound by law to maintain confidentiality.
  • Our services are provided without the use of agents or intermediaries.
  • We will not refer you to outside firms, lawyers or accountants.
  • Privacy Management Group is not an intermediary, but a firm run by  experienced professionals.

Bank Account Opening Advice and Service
  • We assist in opening personal and/or business bank accounts in many jurisdictions worldwide.
  • Often it is not necessary for you to be present in person when opening an account.
  • We partner with solid and reputable banks and offer a wide range of banking services.
  • Online and mobile banking apps, Visa/Mastercard are options of our services.
  • Premium cards with high spending/credit limits.
  • International Personal Bank accounts in solid and secure jurisdictions.
Multilingual Advice

Our in-house legal experts and tax advisors are at your disposal. Our initial consulting services are basically free of charge and without obligation