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Complete Incorporation
and Annual Fees Included in the



From the word go in the planning phase, you can rely on our expertise and benefit from the following servicesn:

Free of charge introductory consultation in our office, by telephone or via Skype;
Free of charge utilisation of our Live-Chat for any queries during the planning phase;
Free of charge consultation provided by our in-house lawyers, tax advisors and specialists.

Formation fees with the Full-Service-Package:
EUR 2,850.00*
One-off fees

Company Formation in Cyprus – Without Hidden Costs!

Our law firm has been a member of the Cyprus Bar Association for over 30 years and our tax advisors are in-house employees of Privacy Management Group. Privacy Management Group therefore provides all services under one roof and without the use of agents.

Our Full-Service-Package Includes

Complimentary tax consultation in your language YES
Name check at the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus (EU) YES
Preparation of all necessary incorporation documents YES
Preparation of the memorandum and articles of association YES
All fees, due at the Registrar, paid YES
Certification of Incorporation documents YES
Service handbook incl. complete original documentation YES
Courier delivery or collection from our business centre YES

Bank Accounts

Complimentary business account opening in Cyprus YES
Complimentary personal account opening in Cyprus YES
Complimentary advice – worldwide bank account opening YES

Registered Office and More

Complimentary provision of registered office and Company Secretary YES
Upon request provision of nominees YES

Legal and Tax Advice

Obtaining tax number for your company YES
Obtaining Value Added Tax number (VAT) YES
Opening balance sheet of your company in Cyprus YES
Continuous bookkeeping and income tax accounts YES
Provision of employment contracts YES
Monthly payroll preparation YES
Obtaining social insurance number(s) YES
Ongoing legal and tax advice for your Cyprus company YES

Service for your business premises in Cyprus

Assistance to find suitable premises for your business YES
Review of rental & purchase offers and contracts through our in-house experts YES
Support to obtain telephone and internet accounts YES
The monthly rental cost of a simple 1-room office starts at EUR 200.00 business premises info

The formation of your company in Cyprus takes around 10 working days. After incorporation, tax liability of your company comes into effect. With the VAT and tax numbers, the company accounts are activated.

Annual Fees – Full-Service-Package:
Tax Advice, ongoing Bookkeeping and Accounting
From EUR 1,850.00*
due annually after incorporation

Tax Advice Including Bookkeeping, Accounting and Audit

Firmengründung Zypern Gebühren

The annual fees for the Full-Service-Package

All services from one source! Our company employs only legal advisors, tax advisors and accountants with many years of experience, who will be happy to assist you or your company at any time. It goes without saying that our company has the ICPAC certification required in Cyprus. The following services are included in the annual fees, which are due every 12 months:

Tax Advice Including Bookkeeping, Accounting and Audit

Tax advice for your company YES
Ongoing complimentary client support by email, telephone or in person at our offices YES
Monthly payroll services and registration at the Social Security Office YES
Ongoing VAT reporting YES
Submission of the VAT report to the respective Tax Office YES
Ongoing bookkeeping YES
Preparation of the annual balance sheet YES
Audit review and advice YES
Submission of report to our auditors, including review and approval YES
Submission of IR4 (COMPANY TAX RETURN) to Cyprus tax authorities YES
Representation at the Cyprus Tax Office YES
Debrief meeting YES
Filing of appeals as well as representation, if required YES

Administration and Other Services

Registered office in Cyprus free of charge YES
Company Secretary free of charge YES
Nominee service (if required), Power of Attorney YES
On site advisory and support in your language YES

Annual Fees and Transactions

The annual fee for our complete package includes all the above-mentioned services, including timely, unlimited and personal tax advice, VAT and bookkeeping, annual financial statements, balance sheets and audits.

The cost of the annual fee for the Full-Service-Package depends on the amount of actual transactions within 12 months:

TRANSACTION RATES Within the first
twelve months

Complete transparency at all times! The annual fee for your Full-Service-Package depends on the actual transactions incurred within 12 months. Therefore, the annual for your package may increase or decrease within this timeframe.

Company Formation in Cyprus One-off EUR 2,850.00
Tax advice, ongoing bookkeeping Accounting and audit
(Complete package with over 1,000 transactions)
Annually EUR 1,850.00
TOTAL EUR 4,700.00*

*exclusive of 19% VAT

Note: A Cyprus VAT registered company has the right, under certain conditions, to claim refundable VAT.

Annual Levy

The ‘Annual Levy’, applicable in Cyprus since 2011, affects every company in Cyprus and comes to a flat rate of EUR 350.00. The deadline for this fee is due every year on 30th June (not included in the package).

(The Annual Levy and the annual Professional Tax for the respective municipality are not included in the annual fees)


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